Flying Fish represent both DOTDOT ( in New Zealand and PSYOP out of the USA for VR, AR, Tech and Gaming enquiries. In 2017, the most viewed commercial in the world came out of the VR space — a Clash of Clans 360 clip by Psyop.

This space is getting hotter which is why Fish are excited to have a best-in-class local (NZ) offering via the incredibly talented team at DOTDOT.

With a foot in New York and a foot in New Zealand, DOTDOT have a proven track record with clients including Google and locally, Samsung S9, Genesis and Te Papa. DOTDOT use game design and technology to tell unforgettable stories.

The DOTDOT team consists of artists, software developers, game designers and hardware manufacturers working together to create the most immersive experiences possible. They already hale accolades from Pixel Awards ‘Best Game’ to Creative Child Awards ‘Best Media’.

Psyop has always been obsessed with next-generation technology. From VR to AR and experiential installations, their team is driven by the desire to engage with people by designing immersive worlds, and telling compelling stories.

In addition to brand experiences for clients including Samsung and Supercell, Psyop is also developing original experiences to debut on the Oculus Rift and upcoming VR headsets from Sony and HTC.